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How to Decorate with Large Silver Wall Clocks in 2020

Expert Designers Reveal Extravagant Ways of Decoration Around Large Silver Wall Clocks.

Large wall clocks are the perfect addition for all types of décor. However, adding the ideal decorations around large silver wall clocks can be a challenge, given the amount of space they take up, besides drawing attention. But you can always opt for surreal house-plants, artwork, and pictures around your wall clock to make it look better.

Decorating Around Large Silver Wall Clocks and How?

1) Choosing a Color and Location.

chose location of wall clock

I. Look for a Clock with Matching Aesthetics with Your Room Décor.

There exist multiple wall clocks in the market that vary in styles. The neutral clocks can be placed with a subtle décor. However, wall clocks with a dash of color demand to be put up on a simple wall. Always invest in a wall clock that suits the wall and décor of the room that you planning to install.

  • You can come across wall clocks in several home goods shop.
  • If you love adding drama, you can do so by choosing a plain wall clock and adding some acrylic color to it to enhance the style.

The Best Large Silver Wall Clock of 2020

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II. Allow Your Large Silver Wall Clocks to Serve-up As the Prime Facia of Your Room for Subtlety.

Because of the size of the large silver wall clocks, they can be left alone on the wall to capture attention to your respective wall. To keep your decorations from going overboard, choose to place the large timepiece on one of the walls and keep the remaining area empty.

  • This look works aptly if you have a large timepiece, and it takes up a proportional amount of the space on your wall.
  • Judge the look of your room from a distance. Think and plan of ways as to how you incorporate the wall clock to match the style, proportion, and color of the décor.

III. Consider Attaching a lot of Oversized Wall Clocks for a Massive Look.

a lot of large wall clocks

If you do not like the idea of relying on a single clock, you can go ahead and add a handful of large silver wall clocks in a specific area for a jaw-dropping design. This will have the appearance of your wall enhanced besides paving way for an oversized art gallery look.

IV. Hang the Wall Clock Near Another Major Attraction for A Head-Turning Statement.

If you already have a major attraction in your living space, like maybe a mantle, then you can hang your wall clock above it to draw more attention. Maintain a neutral wall clock so it fits and looks perfect with the focal point that it added alongside.

  • The mantle-area made of bricks can be paired with a tan wall clock or a brown wall clock.

V. Try Installing the Wall Clock to Your Dining or Bedroom for an Extraordinary Placement.

Wall clocks can be placed in the living area, and if you love adding a twist, consider hanging your large wall clock either in your bathroom or in your bedroom, or even in your dining space for an amazing placement.

2) Introducing Artwork and Frames.

wall clock near frames and artwork

I. Bring in Small Picture Frames Around Your Large Wall Clock for an Exotic Touch.

Since large silver wall clocks are made to draw attention, you can add another visual treat along with it like a handful of small picture frames containing beautiful memories or your oil-painting, or even in abstract patterns around the timepiece. Hang the frames at least 6 inches away from the clock to strike an ideal balance on the wall.

Get all matchy-matchy with the color of the picture frames with the timepiece. You can however use simple black picture frames as well for a neutral statement.

II. Install Painting Around Your Timepiece for an Artistic Twist.

Pictures are pretty, but paintings can add some breeze of sophistication to your large wall clocks. Hang at least two-three small picture frames that can have your wall clock complimented for some striking statement. You can also team your wall clock with a gigantic painting that can be placed underneath the clock for an artsy vibe.

  • You can get inexpensive paintings everywhere.

III. Put up Your Family Name or Even Initials as a Heart-Rendering Tribute.

Love drawing attention to your family name? How about hanging up a few wooden letters that spell your entire surname. You can also add your initials on a wooden base just beneath the wall clock. Try painting the letters so it matches the décor of the room or you can leave them as it is for a country-side look.

  • You can find wooden letters and acrylic paint in most thrift stores near you.

3) Implementing Banners and Plants.

large wall clock near plants

Use Garland to Frame Your Large Silver Wall Clocks for a Winning Design

Old large wall clocks look extravagant when they are framed with garlands, especially during the festive season. Just screw some hooks over your wall clock and hang a garland over it, in a way so it drapes over it.

  • Add a few fairy-lights to the garland to make it more exquisite.

I. Aim for Hanging Banners Beneath Large Silver Wall Clocks for An Exclusive Festive Touch.

If a holiday party is being hosted by you, then consider adding a banner beneath your clock to have the respective occasion emphasized. You can put thumb-tacks to use for attaching the banner in a semi-circle way beneath the clocks that screams “Happy Holidays”, “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Birthday”.

  • Either buy banners from your local supply stores or try making your own with the help of construction paper by cutting out triangles, attaching to twine, and using a permanent marker to write one phrase at a time.

II. Use Plants to Border you Large Silver Wall Clocks for Striking a Perfect Balance.

A dash of green can add a beautiful frame to your timepiece. Install shelves and incorporate potted houseplants or opt for flower vases. You can also place the plants on the mantle just beneath your wall clock.

  • Clay pots can add a soothing and neutral look, while colored pots are known to add pops of colors to your house décor.

These were a few ways on how you can decorate with large silver wall clocks. They are simple to pull off and look magical when done perfectly. All of the mentioned ideas are exclusive and can be tried and implemented in all types of décor. Try choosing either of the ideas and mesmerize your guests.

Here you have some Silver Large Wall Clocks to use as Inspiration.

Ideas Large Wall Clock Wall Decoration

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